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Wow Squared Bracelet

Wow Squared Bracelet

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Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal.  Frame your day with the addition of this stylish sterling silver and crystal bracelet.  This accessory will set you apart from the crowd.  Sure to draw compliments everywhere you go, as it’s sparkly manner is hard to miss.  Magpies everywhere will flock to see what’s drawn their attention, and they won’t be disappointed. Original chainmaille and crystal design.  Comes in small (8 crystals/7.5″), medium (9 crystals/8.25″) and large (10 crystals/9.0″) sizes.  Available in various colours.  Champagne (colour discontinued/no longer available) and Jet crystal colours shown.  Swarovski crystals are outside diameter of 14 mm.  Match to either the Wow Squared Small Earrings and Pendant (using 14 mm crystals) or the Wow Squared Medium Earrings and Pendant (using 20 mm crystals) and/or the Wow Squared Large Pendant .

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