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Stitch Marker Set for Knitting and Crochet

Stitch Marker Set for Knitting and Crochet

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Heart Colour

Know a knitter/crochet person in your life? Or maybe you are a knitter or hooker? Show some love by giving them or yourself this great set of stitch markers. Clear screw top tin with 42 very practical stitch markers inside. Made for using with 2.0 - 5.0 mm needles. You get:

10 x oxidized sterling silver round rings
10 x oxidized copper round rings
10 x oxidized brass round rings
10 x black rubber round rings
1 x Beginning of the Round Ring in black rubber (larger size)
1 x lockable lightbulb shaped ring with handmade lamp worked heart shaped glass bead, handmade by Connie Paul of St. Catherines, ON.

I made this set of stitch markers because I couldn't find what I liked to use readily available. I can't stand anything hanging off my stitch markers, it just gets tangled in my project. So for the lockable one with the glass heart hanging from it, I have made the heart removable, so you can attach it to a necklace and wear it as a pendant instead, but you can still use the lockable marker for your knitting.

I made a lot of markers for this set because if you're a knitter, you know how many stitch markers we lose over time and you never seem to have enough for your next project. I just want my stitch markers to do just what they are supposed to - mark a place in your knitting to remind you to perform whatever move the pattern tells you - K2tog, ssk, M1L, etc. I want to do the "move" and then move on, by easily slipping the marker and continuing to knit.

I made the round stitch markers in different metal colours, so you could use a colour to remind you of a particular move, or use a different colour to mark the BOR (beginning of round), or side seams, to help you know where you are at any particular point in your knitting. You get to choose what colour to use and for what, so it makes sense to you.

Packaged in recycled David's Tea Advent Calendar tins that have screw tops with clear lids. If you are a David's Tea fan and have received one of their advent calendars in the past and still have the little tea tins, please contact me and I will gladly give you a discount towards your Stitch Marker Set if I am able to acquire your tins either via pick up at one of the many events I participate in annually (check my Upcoming Events section). Or if you are local to my Toronto Studio, I am happy to deliver your stitch marker set and pick up the tins at the same time.

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