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Shawl/Scarf Cuff - Version 6

Shawl/Scarf Cuff - Version 6

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Using sterling silver scrap from making my chainmaille jewellery, each shawl/scarf cuff is a unique design based on the wire scrap remnants I piece together. Built like an oversized toggle with a black rubber, slightly stretchy connector, that allows the wearer to use with many different weights of scarves and shawls. This "cuff" design allows you to add it to your favourite knitted/crocheted or woven design without "piercing" the material. You just gather the fibre garment the way you would like it to sit around your neck and put the cuff all around the fibre material and slip the toggle portion through the centre of the cuff's round-ish design.

This design version is a combination of a box of sterling square rings I found while cleaning up my bench that I had forgotten I had made years ago, and some of my "making rings scrap" bin.  This is a smaller piece like Version 1. Dimensions are:  Squared off Flower part is almost 2.0" at widest point, rubber connector is approximately 5.0" long and stretchable, and toggle is 1.5" long. Shawl/Scarf Cuff is shown on my ZickZack Scarf I knitted with 3 self striping balls of Lang Greta Merino Fine Wool. ZickZack Scarf is a free pattern available on Ravelry.

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