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Large Love Knot Necklace

Large Love Knot Necklace

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Sterling Silver. Entirely built by Lisa in her studio. Making these large 2.0 mm thick rings is a test of Lisa's skills. Forming them by drawing the silver wire into an exact thickness and then turning into round rings. Lisa then employs her silversmithing skills to bring them into the lovely triplet twisted loops with almost seamless perfection. Once that is done she connects the larger rings with the alternating pattern of smaller rings. The finishing touch is a beautiful Italian made deluxe spring ring clasp (that if you look closely, you can see Lisa's hand engraved last name and the year she made the piece). Comes in various stock lengths, but wouldn't recommend anything longer than 22", as the piece uses a lot of silver and beyond that point, the weight on the neck might be challenging for some wearers.

Exact match to the Large Love Knot Bracelet and Large Love Knot Earrings. This is a statement piece that depending on the wearer's personality can be worn every day, or just for dressing up, romantic dinners and special occasions.

If you're looking for something that is less dramatic, check out the matching Large Love Knot Pendant.

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