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Are You "Saving for Sunday Best"?

Something that is really deeply engrained in me from childhood is the notion of "Sunday Best". But having reached the "experienced" age I am, I have decided that if I buy or am gifted nice things, I need to actually use them - not squirrel them away for some mythical "future best".

It’s a good reminder to myself that we all deserve nice things; that we are worthy of having them, and in some way they make life easier, more pleasurable, or more fulfilling.

So my motto for this blog post instalment is: Use the nice stuff! It doesn't matter if it's some expensive lotion or cream, a piece of clothing, or any of your jewellery. JUST WEAR IT. Wear it everyday, on certain days of the week, or raise the bar of your weekly errands and just wear it to the grocery store.

Life is short. You should get as much pleasure as you can out of nice stuff. It will perk up the dreariest of days, and put a smile on your face.

And in the spirit of nice things, here are some very nice things that have been recently added to my website:

Finally a re-stock of the Jackie O Drop Pearl Earrings

After basically waiting a year for the sterling pearl caps I use in this design to show up, I finally got a call from my supplier that they had arrived from Italy. I ordered them last February (as in 2022) and they turned up this February (as in 2023!). Just goes to show you that all is still not right in the supply chain. There are still issues, especially with items coming from Europe. So I now have all four colours (cream, platinum, grey and dark grey) in stock AND on all three types of tops (post, french back and huggies).

Next issue I anticipate will be running out of the Swarovski half drilled pearls I use. I'm not actually sure I can get anymore. I have looked into it, but it is not promising at all. It has just become too expensive to import them from the US. Shipping is ridiculous and I have to meet a minimum order from my US supplier. And, unfortunately, all my Canadian suppliers have closed up shop.

Molten Necklace, 19", sterling & oxidized sterling silver

Isn't this new design fun? I actually made the very first round last fall but I sold all of it leading up to the holidays. I recently managed to make another set and have finally put it up on my website. This is the necklace. There is also a bracelet and earrings. Each piece is completely unique because of the way I build it. It is made from a combination of my handmade round rings and "melted" bits and pieces I have created from my sterling scrap. It is then oxidized to show off the melted texture. If you decide to purchase one of the Molten pieces, you will get the exact piece you see on my website.

Woven Earrings, sterling silver & black rubber, only available in post version

These earrings were actually created years ago, but they somehow managed to "fall out" of my current line up of designs. Recently a very dear friend passed away unexpectedly, and I was asked to go through her jewellery collection and sort it out. I ran across these earrings, and that's what sparked me to make them again. To be honest, I had totally forgotten about them.

They are only available in the post version because of the way they are constructed. If you take a close look at the image above, you will see that the large butterfly back is actually attached to the end of the woven structure. This creates the C shape of the earring that will go around your ear lobe. They are very light, and not very large, but they make quite the impact because of the contrast between the shiny silver and black rubber. You can also find the matching necklace and bracelet in the Woven series on my website.

Byzantine Bead Bracelet, each one is unique.

Yet another design that I have brought back and reworked. (Cleaning up your studio has it's advantages.) I find all sorts of "lost treasure" as I go along. These special-commissioned lampworked, cubed shaped glass beads are no exception. These are made by Brenda Lister, by my special request and to my specifications. This bracelet represents just a fraction of the cubed glass beads colours I have in stock. If you would like a custom combination created, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Roundmaille Bracelet

I have been wanting to build this old Celtic design on a smaller-sized ring for a long time. Those of you who have been watching me for years, may remember the Wrapture Bracelet. I discontinued it years ago for many reasons, but always wanted to bring it back and here is my re-invented version of it. This time it has a clasp for ease of taking on and off, and the more compact size and scale lends itself to daily wear, as it goes with everything. Plus, it's a very unisex design.

So I've been busy in the studio, amusing myself with all these new and re-worked jewellery designs. It has been very soothing to my soul to be able to work quietly, to design and problem solve - to come up with these realizations for all the images dancing around in my head!

And happy news. The in-person 2023 show season is about to begin. My first show is "Muskoka Yarn & FibreFest" at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds on June 24, 2023 from 10:00 - 4:00 pm. It is so exciting to see people, in person, after such a long absence.

Interestingly, I have almost completely switched from craft-based shows to fibre-related shows. I started to switch before COVID, but have now cemented my love for fibre-related shows. The only craft-based show for me this year is "The Maker's Hand" show in Prince Edward County from November 10-12, 2023

My Annual Studio Show will once again happen again this December, but I think this year it will be a smaller number of guest artists. As we get back to "our new normal" with more in-person events, many of my colleagues are taking advantage of those opportunities, and going to those events instead. 

Please check my Upcoming Events on my website for the latest on where you will find me this year. I am keeping it updated. Or check my Stockists to see where you can find my jewellery outside of my Toronto studio. And give me a follow on Instagram (@lisaridout) to get a first-hand look at what I am up to.

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Lisa, the title of this post caught my eye! Yes I do save jewellery, clothes, accessories, shoes and hats to wear for special occasions. You are bang on & yes, we need to start wearing our special treasures every day. Thank you for this gentle nudge. Carolyn


Hi Lisa
Love your updates!
I have also resurrected the beautiful pieces I am lucky enough to have from you – the comments are always forthcoming and my grandkids play with them on wrist / a welcome touch❤️

Ilona Gamble

Hi Lisa,
OMG so true! And that’s what I do now! I don’t care, wearing my jewellery makes me Happy 😃. I can still wear the same thing on a special occasion. I broke the rules a few years ago and now enjoy!


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