New Website, Same Great Jewellery

New Website, Same Great Jewellery


Wondering where I've been this summer? Well, nowhere exciting, let me assure you! I decided after sticking with my same WordPress website since about 2005, that it was time for an upgrade. It is really hard to part ways with a "thing" I've spent so much time building, but sometimes you just have to accept that there are better solutions out there, even if it means basically starting all over again.

How did I come to this decision?  Well, one day when I was talking on the phone with Jen Manuell from Fish Eye Sisters, once again complaining about my "glitchy" website, she said to me, "Do you know what you sound like? You sound like someone that owns an old car, and what you really need to do is just get a new car!"

And in that moment, I knew she was right. So I have joined the masses of Small Business Entrepreneurs that use Shopify as their website platform. Believe me, there is a good reason so many small businesses opt to use Shopify over other earlier platforms.

I was very resistant at first, but like every time I've learned something new, I found out that Shopify is actually easier to use. Once the hard work of transferring all my products (I have about 125 and counting - so no small job) and the painful process of re-directing my hosting to Shopify, I got to realize the benefits like using Shopify Payments (so I can stop using an outside one that costs me yet another monthly fee): I don't have to think about API keys, and renewing SSL certificates.....or why is my mobile app display not working, etc. It's my hope that I will now spend less time "fretting about the website not working," and spend more time actually making jewellery. What a concept, right?!

So I'm still here, with a brand new website to boot! Sorry there are only a few "new to the website" products (and I'll let you surf to discover them...). I actually spent a great deal of time "vetting" my selection and only transferred what was relevant to the new site. And believe me, it was quite enough to get those transferred, uploaded and organized properly. That's what I did with a lot of my summer.

I am so happy to invite you to go and surf around  - see what it looks like. If during your visit you discover a mistake, glitch or something that just doesn't look right, please send me an email letting me know and I'll happily go and fix it. It's really hard to keep track of everything and make sure you are "ticking all the boxes" all the time.

This is the first blog post in my new website home and I have decided NOT to transfer the old blog posts. This website move for me is a fresh start. Therefore I think the new look needs to reflect a fresh chapter of LREJ.

Thank you so much for continuing to follow along with me. Soon I'll be uploading some "new" categories that take into consideration the "string things" I've been making since the start of COVID. Hopefully, I'll be announcing that in next month's blog post. But for now, it's back to work!

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Congratulations Lisa!
What a huge under taking! Once again I am left with great admiration for all the Loops! you hoop through, -more time now for making exquisite jewellery! ..I’m now off to cruise your new site!!!

Susan Collett

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