It's Almost time for Lisa's Studio Artisan Holiday Show!

It's Almost time for Lisa's Studio Artisan Holiday Show!

Can't believe we've made another trip around the sun and it's November already. Where does the time go? Seems to speed up the older I get. 

November is the month when I am usually getting ready to participate in the Winter One of a Kind Show. As you know, last year it did not happen in reality, just virtually, and I decided to sit it out. Once again, this year I have decided that participating in the "real" show at the Enercare Centre still doesn't feel right to me. I wish all my fellow artisans a great show, and know that I will miss "hanging with my peeps" at the show.

Also, again this year, I have chosen instead to curate my intimate version of "One of a Kind Artisans" here in my studio space on Dupont Street in the west end of Toronto. Last year, I had a stellar line up of Artisans who hailed from all over Canada. And I had most of the craft mediums represented.

This year, I am going to put together an equally-interesting collection of Makers and their wares. Starting with this blog post, each week in November I will introduce you to one of this year's Artisans, leading up to the opening of the show on Thursday, November 25th. So three weeks from today's blog post will be opening day!

Gordy Ess Artist

Gordy with her newly acquired Diamond Back Bracelet

So let's jump right in and let me introduce you to Gordy Ess. I met Gordy earlier this year via email and Instagram. Gordy bought one of my bracelets at the Art Gallery of Burlington and loved it so much, she emailed me to let me know how thrilled she was with it. I had no idea Gordy was an artist, but started to follow her on Instagram and quickly realized that not only is she an artist, but a very talented one! Here is some of Gordy's story:

Gordy has been fortunate to have lived a life surrounded by art and artists. Her years as a student of art history and studio arts was followed by a ten-year span teaching black-and-white photography and commercial art/design. Prior to that, she worked alongside artists as they engaged with school-aged children in the inner city.

In recent years, Gordy has had the great experience of working in a gallery and been exposed to an array of talent. She has taken classes in a variety of mediums, and learned from a diverse group of artists. Gordy now has the opportunity to spend time solely on her own artwork.

24" x 24", Skeleton leaves, acrylic paint on gallery depth canvas.
Framed in a white wood floating frame.

In Gordy's words:

"My work is characterized by the use of textural elements, such as skeleton leaves, molding paste, Japanese papers and the bold use of colour.

Skeleton leaves offer a delicate and intriguing textural quality. Bodhi, magnolia and rubber tree skeleton leaves are created by separating the pulp of the leaf from the veins. Their delicate structures are incorporated into the composition of the painting.

For the past 7 years I have been exploring the use of Japanese paper, both hand and machine made, as a textural element. Coupled with the use of fluid acrylic paint, the result is bold, dynamic, colourful and highly textured."

For my Holiday Show, Gordy will feature a selection of her artwork to include the artwork above called Fallen. And these two sister pieces:

Guava & Melon
20" x 20", Japanese paper, glass beads suspended in acrylic medium
Acrylic paint on gallery depth canvas, framed in a white wood float frame
$500.00 each

As well, Gordy will be showing a selection of her Lilliputians, which are 5" x 7" pieces that are matted but not framed, together with a few framed pieces available and ready for your shelf or wall.

Ready for a 5" x 7" frame
Matted and backboard, acrylic paint or alcohol inks on Yupo paper
$20.00 each

Gordy started the series of Lilliputians at the beginning of the pandemic and during the first lockdown. Access to her regular studio wasn't possible and she hadn't set up her home studio thinking, "we'd be back to normal" soon. Needless to say, we weren't. So almost 100 pieces have been created. And now, with her home studio allowing Gordy to paint larger, she paints these little "sanity savers" in between larger works. She also uses them to explore new palettes. 

Gordy will also be bringing her Art Cards, which are one of a kind - even those done in a "series". They are hand painted using either acrylic paint or alcohol inks on Yupo paper. Expressive and unique, they make your written sentiments that much more memorable.

Original Art Cards
Each one is an original piece of art
Sold individually in a protective sleeve
$8.00 each

Instagram:  @gordyess


Details for my Artisan Holiday Studio Show are as follows:

Thursday, November 25 - Thursday, December 23, 2021

Weekdays:  Noon - 7:00 pm
Weekends:  Noon - 5:00 pm

Open daily. Like last year, I will only be seeing clients by appointment. I haven't figured out my new website's booking calendar yet - it's in the works. But in the meantime, if you'd like to book a time, each appointment starts on the hour and they are 1 hour allotments, so please email/call me to book.  Hopefully, I will have the online booking calendar sorted out soon and when I do, I'll let you know.

I'm thrilled to share the news about this year's holiday studio show! It's starting to come together and it's always exciting when a plan starts to "have legs". Stay tuned when I introduce you to my next artisan. I'll be back here in about a week to let you know who that is.

The bracelet that created my artist connection with Gordy Ess
Shown with my Jackie O Pearl Stud Earrings in Cream




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Looking forward to seeing your unique and interesting “ one of a kind artisans”. I love the mugs I bought last year, only wish I had bought more. And of course who doesn’t love your jewelry!!

Nancy Croitoru

I would like an appointment when Gordy is present. Please email details of where and how to schedule. Thank you.

Anne Eastwood

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