Where Are You Going This Year?

Posted by on Feb 24, 2017

Mega Planet Marble on acrylic stand, by American Glass Artist Josh Simpson, with my Large Love Knot Bracelet.

Josh Simpson and I would really like to know! Who is Josh Simpson you may ask? He’s a Contemporary American Glass Artist who has been producing the “Mega Planet Glass Marbles” in various sizes since 1976. I first heard about, saw and handled his work when I worked as a Gallery Assistant at the Sandra Ainsley Gallery from about 1989 – 1994. That was my part-time job while I was studying Jewellery Arts at George Brown College (see January’s post). To learn more about Josh’s Mega Planet Marble Infinity Project and apply to participate click here.

For me and my personal jewellery collection, up to this point, I have had a far more modest flight path: a very exciting “local life” spent travelling in approximately a ten block radius in the Junction Triangle neighbourhood of Toronto. Back and forth from the studio, to the bank and post office. When the weather warms, I get my trusty bicycle out and expand my radius to pretty much all of Toronto. I ride all over the city running errands, dropping shipments to clients like ShopAGO and Corktown Designs in The Distillery District. On my body, my jewellery has hardly ever left the country…as a matter of fact it’s barely left the province.

However, I am blessed with a bevy of thoughtful clients who send me pictures of them, and my jewellery, travelling the world. I feel like I am “travelling vicariously through others” who wear my jewellery. They are taking a “little piece of me” everywhere they go; and in some weird, connected way, I feel like I have been where ever they have been – in a “jewellery spirit” kind of way.

Client Jean Clulee, wearing my Oval Love Knot Necklace & Bracelet, sent this picture and wrote: Your lovely necklace and bracelet travelling in Chile, taken in front of one of several Escher prints. Two of my favourite artists!

I can’t tell you how it warms my heart to receive emails like Jean’s. Over my twenty-five years I have received many. So if you’re travelling and have brought any of your LREJ jewels with you, please take a picture, just like Jean did, and send me a short email and description of where your travels have taken you. So far I have received emails from Australia, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Greece, among others.

I think it’s time for me to add a world map to my studio wall with the headline “LREJ World Jewel Wearings” and take a push pin and add it to the place from which I received the email and/or picture. So together, we will create a map that says: “a little piece of Lisa was here”. And through you, I’ll become an international brand (of sorts) – well in my mind and heart anyway.

Happy travels!  May my “jewellery spirit” be with you.

Here is my life-long friend, Susan Collett, Canadian Ceramic Artist Extraordinaire, wearing my LREJ Pearl Confetti Necklace & Bracelet in February 2015 at the Opening of Canada House Trafalgar Square in London, England standing next to her ceramic sculpture purchased as part of their permanent collection.