They’re Back! After a four-year absence.

Posted by on Nov 21, 2018

Magic Chains shown in 29” & 36.5”. 29” is shown with the Infinity loop that opens and makes the necklace more versatile. 36.5” has the lobster claw showing on the left side, and is also sporting a new even larger love knot pendant.

For those of you who have been following along with what I’ve been up to for a while, you may recall a selection of Italian machine-made sterling silver chains that I used to offer. In 2015, I stopped ordering them because the cost of the Euro at that time, together with increased labour charges from the manufacturer, drove the price up to a ridiculous amount. They were becoming just as expensive as my handmade chains! So I decided to give them a break.

Earlier this year, my supplier and few others from Italy were invited by the Italian Trade Commission to come to Toronto to present their jewellery samples. As a previous client of my Italian supplier, I was invited. It was lovely to finally meet Antonio in person!

We went through the styles of chains I used to order, did the pricing, and figured out that the current price point made them a feasible option for me once again. So here is what I ordered and have in stock and for sale at the Winter One of a Kind Show.

Magic Chains

I ordered them in 29” and 36.5” lengths. There are two options for closures – Plain Lobster Claw, or Large Round Infinity Ring. The Infinity Rings, also from Italy, are very expensive to buy because of the mechanism and labour it takes to produce them. These chains look great with many of my larger pendants. They also look great on their own. The 4.0 mm thickness of the chain gives them a real presence.

Close up of the Lobster claw

29” with lobster claw:  $225.00

36.5” with lobster claw: $250.00

Close up of the Infinity Ring on Magic Chain. The Infinity Ring opens so you can double up the 36.5” chain for a shorter look, or add a pendant to it and wear centre front. Many, many versatile options with the addition of the Infinity Ring.

29” with Infinity Ring:  $300.00

36.5″ with Infinity Ring: $325.00

Laser Bead Chains 

I ordered them in 17.0” & 18.5”. These chains are very lightweight and work with many of my pendants.

Laser Bead Chains

16.5”  $80.00

18.0”  $90.00

Sparkly Rope Chains

I ordered them in 17.0” & 18.5”. These chains are semi-flexible and have a bit more “structure” to them. When you wear them, they have a bit of a “u” shape or scoop to them as they sit on your chest….and they are very sparkly! 

Sparkly Rope Chains. Very sparkly!!!

17.0”  $80.00

18.5”  $90.00

If you missed purchasing one of these chains last time around, or know a friend that has admired yours, they would make a fabulous gift. The prices on the shorter lengths and styles have gone up marginally, but the Magic Chains with the lobster claw are the same price as in 2014!

To see, feel and try them on, please drop by my booth, D 63 at the Winter One of a Kind Show from November 22 – December 2, 2018.  Or if you miss me there, you can drop by my Toronto studio by appointment, or come to my…

Annual Christmas Open House:

December 19th to 23rd.

Noon – 7:00 pm on Weekdays.

Noon – 5:00 pm on Weekends.

No appointment necessary (unless you want to come outside of my posted hours).


Looking forward to seeing you soon!