Shawl Pins



In the meantime, to see what I’ve been working on, please visit my June 2018 Blog Post to see the Bauhaus Shawl pin design, my September 2108 Blog Post to view my Tahitian Pearl Shawl Pin creations, and my October 2018 Blog Post to see my Love Knot Shawl Pins and then my take on a Scarf Rings (remember those from the 70’s?!).  Followed by my latest pin design, modeled after the humble Safety Pin that I talk about in my February 2019 Blog Post

Don’t have time to read the blog post information?   Scroll down to see visuals of all my “jewellery for your Knitting” creations.



My first Shawl Pin design.  Bauhaus Shawl Pins.  All sterling, sterling with brass or sterling with copper.
Retail for $175.00 each


Tahitian Pearl Shawl Pins.  Real 10 mm Tahitian pearls on all sterling pins.
Pearls shown are Grey and Peacock coloured.  Retail:  $450.00 each
Also available in B.C. Nephrite Jade 10 mm beads.

Love Knot Shawl Pins.  All sterling, sterling with brass, or sterling with copper.  Retail:  $250.00 each

Yet another shawl! This time it’s 874 yards of lace weight yumminess in 100% superwash merino wool by Manos Del Uruguay Marina in the colour Petrol.  Scarf Rings available in all sterling, all brass and all copper.  Retail:  $150.00 each

Bauhaus Scarf Rings. Shown are all three styles. One is all sterling with coiled sterling, another is sterling with coiled brass, and the final one is sterling with coiled copper detail. All retail for $225.00 each.

Beaded Safety Pins. All oxidized sterling silver with Swarovski steel lined crystal and pearl beads that move on the safety pin depending on how you orient it. Various beaded colour options available. They retail for:  Small – $160.00, Medium – $175.00 and Large – $190.00.

Coiled Safety Pins. All sterling silver pins with coiled brass, copper and sterling sections. The copper and sterling coils move on the pins, depending on how you orient them. Retail for:  Small – $150.00, Medium – $175.00 and Large – $195.00.