Sophia Wrist Design

Sophia Wrist Design

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Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal. Designed in 2009, after my sister's documentary was nominated for an Oscar (she didn't win) and she wanted me to jewel her up for the event of walking the red carpet. I had just received these crystals and they were sitting on my work bench. Didn't have a clue what I was going to do, or if it even involved those crystals. Went to bed that night and had the most vivid dream of seeing Sophia Loren on the red carpet wearing that iconic red dress she wore to the Oscars one year. She was wearing a black crystal necklace with it and when I got up closer to her, I noticed it used the jet crystals that were on my bench.  I asked her where she got the necklace and she said to me in my dream, "well you should know, you made it!" I woke up in the morning and the experience of the dream was still with me. I immediately went to the studio and figured out how to make that necklace I saw in my dream. My sister ended up wearing not the necklace, but the matching bracelet and pendant to the Oscars. In my creative life, that was definitely one of those hard to explain events where other forces were at work.

The one shown in the image is gray crystal, but the last one I have left is in Aqua. I've reduced the price, it originally sold for $625.00, letting this last one in Aqua crystal go for $400.00. Has a detachable safety chain and earth magnet barrel clasp. Fits anyone that usually wears a 7.5" - 8.0" length bracelet.