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Scarf Ring - Copper/Small

Scarf Ring - Copper/Small

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Oxidized copper.  Remember the Scarf Rings from the 70’s?  No?  Well, I do.  My Mother had one, and it was, quite frankly, the ugliest thing I had EVER seen in an accessory.  BUT, I do remember I liked the concept of it, but that particular execution of the idea needed work!

So, here is my take.  Scarf Rings work on the principle of being used with scarves that come down to a point.  No square ended scarf will work with this.  You put one scarf “tip” through the ring from one side, and then the other scarf tip from the opposite side of the ring.  Then you pull the tips of your scarf/shawl through until there is enough material for a “friction fit”.

This small sized, oxidized copper version will work on a lace weight or very small fingering weight shawl (like the Sophie Scarf pictured above).  Dimensions are:  just under 0.75″ inside diameter, 1.0″ outside diameter.  Barrel length is 1.25″.  Best to purchase to try it out on all your “pointed” shawls and scarves and figure out which ones it works with best.  But if you tend to knit the same light yarn weight and small size of a shawl or scarf, it should work on all of them.  I DO NOT recommend you use this on any fancy lace patterned items, as the “pulling” of the shawl/scarf through the scarf ring will “stretch” and alter that part of the knitted lace pattern.

Each one is handmade by by me in my Toronto studio.  So each one is unique.  You will receive the exact Scarf Ring pictured above in featured image. This one weighs in at almost 34 grams, and is priced according to labour and weight of metal materials.  Copper wire is coiled around a mandrel twice.  The inside ring is a layer of smooth coils so the garment won’t get caught.  The remaining length of copper wire becomes the outside layer, randomly wrapped to create visual interest.  Each Scarf Ring is then soldered in many places, including both ends, so the fibre will not get caught and to give strength and more structure to the coiled shape.  After that, the copper is cleaned up, oxidized to darken it, buffed to remove some of the oxidation to reveal and highlight the structure, and then buffed and waxed to preserve the finish.

Scarf Rings come in oxidized sterling, brass or copper.  They come in small & medium sizes to accommodate various weights of knitted or crocheted yarn, as well as manufactured cotton, wool and silk accessories.

This Scarf Ring is shown on The Sophie Scarf by Petit Knit using some left over fingering weight yarn from my yarn stash. This is a great stash busting project and a great accessory to give away as a gift.

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