Solo Necklace, Wow Small Pendant

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Being consistent with your fashion sense shows that your choices are well thought out.  Well, think no further than this classic but contemporary necklace and pendant set.  You’ll want to wear it everyday to compliment your daily wardrobe.  Solo Necklace comes in various lengths, but this Wow Small Pendant looks best on either of the shorter combination length pieces.  For the longer length options (28″ & 36″) choosing the Wow Medium Pendant or Wow Large Pendant is a better style choice.  Pieces are sold as a set or separately.

Necklace Options/Image Description

Solo Necklace available in either two shorter combination lengths of either 16″/17″/18″ or 18″/19″/20″, or 28″ or 36″ length options.  Wow Small Pendant available in Clear, Smoke, AB, Champagne, Copper, Antique Pink, Persimmon, Blue Shade, Bronze, Charcoal or Jet.  Wow Small Pendant is shown in AB.

Additional information

Length & Options

16/17/18" chain only, 18/19/20" chain only, 28" chain only, 36" chain only, 16/17/18" with pendant, 18/19/20" with pendant, Wow Small Pendant ONLY


NECKLACE ONLY, Clear, Smoke, Champagne, Copper, Persimmon, Blue Shade, Bronze, Charcoal, Jet