Penannular Shawl Pin – Tahitian Pearls/Light Gray

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Are you familiar with Penannular Shawl Pins?  If not, you should know they are the absolute best design to use with adorning shawls, cardigans and wraps.  Designed in medieval times (coincidentally the exact same time period that my chainmaille jewellery technique hails from…), they are a “twist & lock” type of closure.  Once they are affixed to your knitted garment, they will not come off.  You will NEVER, ever lose the pin because it is permanently attached to the circular piece of the shawl pin, and cannot be removed.

All penannular shawl pins are handmade one by one in Lisa’s studio.  This particular one is hand wrought oxidized sterling silver with 10 mm round Tahitian half drilled Pearls attached to each end.  These Tahitian Pearls are very good quality, with few surface imperfections. Lisa personally matches them up to create the best “pair”, as well as half drilling them herself to add to the completely handmade sterling pin design.

You will receive the exact shawl pin featured above.  The dimensions are; outside diameter of widest section of circular shape is 1.75″, the outside diameter from Pearl opening to centre back is 1.25″ and the oxidized sterling silver pin length, from base of coil to tapered tip is 1.5″ long.  It weighs 14.5 grams.  This pair of 10 mm Tahitian Pearls are a beautiful light gray colour

This shawl pin is shown on Martina Behm’s shawlette design, 22 Little Clouds.  Knit with two strands of yarn, SanjoSilk – 100% silk 20/2 in Graphite combined with Ella Rae Rustic Silk in the Rocky Mountain colour way.


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