Uber Fiddle Styx Bracelet

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Sterling silver.  Unique, bold design.  Designed after those crazy metal wire “Brain teasers” that I used to get in my Christmas stocking as a kid, and then I’d spend the whole holiday trying to figure out how to separate the jumble of wire shapes into two separate pieces…..however, this design is not meant to be taken apart!  Due to the bulkiness of the design, for ordering purposes, wearer will need 1.0″ longer than usual wrist size.  Even if it’s slightly too big, you can always “hook” the clasp in any of the rings, to get your correct size and have a bit of a “tail”.  Or once purchased, if you would like it altered, we can always make arrangements to have it altered to fit you with no extra “tail”.  My wrist usually fits a 7.5″ length, but for this bracelet I wear the 8.5″ length.

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8.5", 9.0", 9.5"