Places You Can Link

Posted by on Jul 29, 2018

Boat ride to Hanlan’s Point with my glorious city captured on a beautiful summer day.

Ahhhhhh Summer! The time for celebrating warmer weather by going on holidays or playing hooky from work…..or is there a third option?

One day every week in the summer, I try to take my work with me, just to explore another part of the city and pretend I’m “out on business.”

One of the places I’ve been wanting to visit are the Toronto Islands. It is the best place to go to escape the heat and humidity of summer in the city. So off I went with one of my craft tribe, who also subscribes to the same work theory as I do in summer and is a fellow city cyclist.

Caught in the act taking a photo of the Toronto City Skyline. Photo courtesy of Nancea Whitham.

People always ask me, “How long does it take you to make that piece of jewellery?” Or, when they see me at a craft show, they remark, “I can’t believe that you have made all this jewellery yourself by linking each ring together.” Well, want to know my secret? I just find ways to do it EVERY DAY of my life. There is not a day that goes past where I don’t have my pliers in my hands at some point, and I am linking together one pattern or another – maybe several different patterns and ring sizes over the course of a day. Some days I do a lot of linking, some I don’t get much done, but I always get SOMETHING done.

Sometimes to motivate myself to do it on a daily basis, I need to challenge myself to find new ways (or places!) to accomplish the task. One of the best ways I know is to change your scenery! In reality, like my trip to Toronto Island, I don’t really get that much “work” done, but I find the fresh air, good company of a friend and just plain old “taking a day” to do something different benefits my work in ways I may not have imagined or realized.

I hadn’t been over to the Toronto Islands in years and I had NEVER ridden my bike the entire length of it and explored all the islands – Hanlan’s Point, Centre Island, Algonquin Island and Ward’s Island. You can ride from one end to the other, poke about and explore it all in one day. It was a fantastic day of rediscovering one of the places that makes Toronto such a great city.

Here are few of my highlights:

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Did you know it is one of the earliest built lighthouses of the Great Lakes? It was built in 1808.

First stop after docking on Hanlan’s Point. Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Notice how faded the red at the top of the lighthouse is compared to the red door at the bottom.

Peacock relaxing at the farm in Centreville.

Next, we parked our bikes at Centreville and walked around the grounds. They have a farm there, where this guy hangs his hat. Look at the colour inspiration there.

From there, we rode out to the end of pier, and just in case you were wondering where you are, there’s a great sign that tells you.

North/South directional markers at the end of Centre Islands’ Pier.

After exploring the pier, we were getting a little hungry, so off we went to the Ward Island Cafe.  Had a lovely lunch outside and rode around the residential streets of both Ward Island and Algonquin Island, where a small community of people live year round.

The residents of Algonquin and Ward Islands get home mail delivery! Here’s the cute little postal truck some lucky postal employee gets to drive around in.

As we rode around, I realized the Toronto Islands are home to a lot of wildlife. We saw Canada geese, ducks, swans and even a heron! And that was without even thinking about it, or trying to find any.

Definitely the sweetest wildlife we saw….look at those cute goslings!

Trips like this raise your senses. Smelling and noticing the fresher air. Seeing things that excite you or make you happy. Watching animals in their natural habitat. Touching all the things – flowers, old stone lighthouses. Hearing flocks of Canada geese flying overhead. Tasting food in a outdoor cafe that grows many of their vegetables on the grounds around them.  

When I spend a day like this, it allows me to take a mental pause, absorb my surroundings and enjoy life. It makes me so happy that, at some point I get my linking out and do just a little bit of work. Just because I want to – and the action of linking reminds me I really do love what I do!

Yep, that’s me linking at a picnic table on the Toronto Islands. Photo courtesy of Nancea Whitham, my good company for a “work” day out in the summer.