My LREJ Story

Posted by on Mar 19, 2021

Hi, I’m Wendie. Here I am wearing my LREJ Urban Earrings in Denim coloured crystal with my hand-knit Ninilchik Swoncho Sweater by Caitlin Hunter.

My LREJ story begins long before there was Lisa Ridout Exclusive Jewellery. 

Lisa and I met in previous lifetimes when we were both working in advertising. She quickly realized the error of her ways (lol), went to study jewellery making, fell in love with chainmaille and launched her journey to become LREJ.

I have been a huge fan since the very beginning and am pleased to say that over these many years, my love of all things Lisa has not diminished. I have amassed quite a large collection. And I love nothing more than to add to that bounty. When I recently had some repairs done, Lisa told me that seeing some of the older pieces was like a stroll down memory lane.

I think these were my very first earrings. They are the embodiment of Lisa’s love for “linking” as she calls it. And I always thought they were the perfect earrings for everyday or dress up. To demonstrate how timeless they are, they are still on her website here.

Love Knot Earrings. All sterling silver. Designed in 1993. Lisa still makes them today.

My next couple of pairs were similar in design to the current Cascade Earrings. I had a few colours but I think my daughter absconded with the black pair, though she denies it. Lol.

Cascade Earrings in Jet/Montana Gray/Gray combination. Available in other colour combinations via Lisa’s website.

My husband met Lisa at a very early One of a Kind Show and also became a fan. He realized early on that there was an entire collection of never-ending gifts in Lisa’s inventory. Here are a few of the pieces that he has added to my private collection.

Wow Squared Bracelet in the AB (Aurora Borealis) crystal colour way.

Small Wow Earrings, shown here in AB (currently out of stock). Available in 8 other colours.

The Wow Earrings and Wow Squared Bracelet were gifts for a BIG birthday. They are fantastic because although they are a bit fancy, they are also quite neutral, so I wear the earrings a lot.

The multi-blue, Carlu Earrings were purchased to go to Barbados with us. And they were worn to every special occasion there. (And here too.) Don’t they look like the sea?

Carlu Earrings on French back with Bermuda Blue Swarovski crystals.

A few chains have joined the LREJ stash over the years. During COVID they don’t get as much wear as the earrings, but they do dress up a black tee, no matter where I am headed – even inside the house. And the chains are gorgeous on their own.

Chenille Necklace in all sterling silver with Bali Brushed Sterling Beads. Comes in 16/17/18” combination length or 18/19/20”.

The most recent additions are all from the Urban Crystal line. Two pairs of the earrings, denim and black, have become my ear lobe uniform. The corresponding pendants don’t get worn as often, but I can see them getting more wear when restrictions relax and we get back outside.

Urban Earrings in Denim. Shown on Huggies. Available in 9 other crystal colours.

Urban Pendant in Denim, shown on Small King’s Link Necklace.

Last (for now) and not least, I share a passion for knitting with Lisa as well. So I added one of her shawl pins to my jewellery box. I chose this one, Love Knot, which goes right back to my first pair of earrings. I know it is supposed to be a shawl pin, but I often just wear it as a brooch, since I have way more sweaters than shawls.

Love Knot Shawl Pin in all sterling silver. Also comes with either Brass or copper Love Knots with sterling pin. Shown on the Motley Shawl.

So, am I there yet? Not even close! There is always a perpetual “wish list” that has more than a few things on it. Proof that you can NEVER have too much Lisa-made loveliness.

Something that I haven’t acquired, in all this time, is one of her watches. There are two that I covet – and they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The Cascade Watch is probably the one I want the most. It is perfect for elevating everyday jean wearing. And my favourite combo is the Grey/Aqua/Montana.

Cascade Watch in Montana Gray/Aqua/Gray crystal combo with Blue Watch Face.

The second “big” wish watch is the Small Kings Link Watch, Triple Strand. It probably needs the next “big” occasion. For me, it is just sophistication at its best. I love the balance between the linked bracelet and the watch face.

Small Triple King’s Link Watch, Triple Strand, with silver watch face.

There is also another knitting accessory that has my name on it. I LOVE the Bauhaus scarf ring. I have a few triangle shaped scarves and shawls that would look even more beautiful with this piece adorning them. And it would undoubtedly be the inspiration to knit a few more.

Variety of Bauhaus Scarf Rings in the medium size. Each one is unique in size width and “random” wrapping. Created in oxidized sterling silver with silver, brass or copper coil options.

As I finish this blog post, I am certain that my journey with LREJ will continue for years to come. Through creativity, ingenuity and grit, Lisa has managed to not only find her way through these crazy times, but to innovate and improve her business. No wonder I am such a huge fan.