Meet Riley & Sacha of Mile1 Delivery.

Posted by on Dec 12, 2020



Riley Chornous (left) & Sacha Guberman (right) are the co-founders of Mile1.

Mile1 is Toronto’s personal retail e-commerce delivery service answer for small business owners. Previously, my business was unable to find a personalized delivery service to safely deliver my jewellery goods to customers in a timely fashion. Mile1 has removed all the usual frustrating barriers associated with using a local delivery service. 

They deliver your online orders on a specific day and time of your choosing: all within your chosen one-hour time frame. No more waiting around all day for packages to show up. No more having a delivery stolen from your front porch. Your order is delivered, wrapped in the Retailer’s bags or boxes, just as if you had gone and purchased it yourself.

How did the Mile1 idea originally start?  Riley and Sacha were roommates at Western University. It all began with a failed attempt to retrieve an e-commerce package from Purolator’s depot in London, Ontario. They had missed the original delivery at their residence, so they were directed to drive to the local depot. When they got there, they were disappointed to discover their package had already been “returned to sender”. This planted the seed that there had to be a better way. 

After university, Riley and Sacha both got jobs and in their separate work experiences, they encountered the same e-commerce delivery service problems.

Fast forward to the 2017 holiday season when Riley and Sacha got together for a drink and re-visited pursuing an entrepreneurial solution to the frustrations associated with existing e-commerce delivery services. That was the night that Mile1 was born, and they began laying the groundwork, expanding their ideas, and creating the foundation on which Mile1 would be built.

Mile1 logo. Mile1 Local Delivery can be fully integrated into your website if you have a Shopify website. If not, you can download the app onto your phone and coordinate with your clients personally to arrange their online order delivery, at a day and time to suit everybody’s schedule.

In late 2018, Riley moved to Toronto to focus on Mile1 full time. In April of 2019, Mile1 completed its first delivery. Since then Mile1 has become the trusted, local Toronto e-commerce delivery service for many of Toronto’s small local businesses such as Corktown Designs, Bergo Designs, Moss, Hopson Grace, and now, Lisa Ridout Exclusive Jewellery! Today Mile1 is completing thousands of monthly deliveries for thousands of happy customers throughout the GTA.

Map of Mile1’s Toronto GTA delivery area.

When Retailers book a delivery pick up, Mile1 offers the option of eco-friendly time windows.  This shows Retailers time slots when they will be delivering to another business nearby. Mile1 is able to reduce emissions by bunching the orders together, thereby having their drivers on the road for fewer total kilometres. This is part of Mile1’s environmental goals, which also include purchasing carbon offsets to achieve carbon-neutral status.

So while this blog post may be a deviation from my recent Artisan Profiles in conjunction with my Artisan One of a Kind Holiday Show, it demonstrates the creative spirit and thinking that all entrepreneurs and small business owners possess. A service built by entrepreneurs for local small businesses. It serves the local community, while filling a huge hole in the personalized local retail e-commerce delivery service sector here in the Toronto GTA area. Win, Win, Win!

If you live in Toronto and were thinking about ordering something from my website, but worried that it might not be able to be securely delivered in time for the holidays, worry no more! Orders placed through my website right up until Monday, December 22nd will be safely and securely delivered to your door by December 24th, at the time you choose. And, even better, Mile1 local Toronto delivery service will be at no cost to you (just like my free shipping right across Canada with every online order). Choose the “Local Delivery – Mile1” option in my checkout, and I will contact you to organize delivery at the best time for you.

On the other hand, if you wanted to come to my studio and see all my Artisan wares, but the thought of standing at my front door in the cold is not exactly appealing to you, there is another way. I have found a way to augment the FaceTime and Zoom “virtual” appointment. After we have “met” online, I will send photos to you of the pieces we discussed. This gives you another opportunity to view them before deciding to purchase them. Once you have made your purchase choices, we will arrange a date and time for free delivery via Mile1. 


Instagram: @mile1delivers

This is the seventh in a series of highlights associated with my One of a Kind Artisan Holiday Show, starting on Thursday, November 26th and running everyday until Wednesday, December 23rd.

If you’d like to see any of the Artisan work at my studio, please book an appointment by clicking here. You can book one hour appointments, starting at Noon daily.

Now that we are back in full lockdown in Toronto, the online booking options have been changed to:

FaceTime/Zoom Virtual Meeting with curb-side or Mile1 delivery.

Window/Studio Front Door Shopping with curb-side pick up. This is where you do come to my studio and we prop the front door open. I then bring the items you are interested in seeing to the front door for you to see. Once you have chosen your pieces, you can return to your car (bring a thermos of tea or coffee!), I will pack it all up and text you when it is ready and to arrange payment(s). So, one trip that will take care of both shopping and delivery!

Looking forward to seeing you then!