Meet Monica and Paulus.

Posted by on Nov 21, 2020

Monica Johnston and Paulus Tjiang in Paulus’s Hot Shop Studio on their home property located just outside of Warkworth, Ontario.

Monica Johnston and Paulus Tjiang have been creative life partners for over 30 years. For 16 years they have owned, and been the creative force behind Frantic Farms Clay & Glass & Gallery, located in Warkworth, Ontario. Their gallery houses Monica’s pottery studio and a retail store where they sell their work, along with that of many other Canadian artisans, including me!

Their combined roots in the craft world are deep and long. We have been friends for so long, I can’t actually remember how or when we first met? They have carried a collection of my jewellery in their gallery since 2008. In May of 2017, after a weekend visit with them, I did an in-depth profile on their work and gallery, posted it on my blog here.

To highlight their drinking vessels, I invited them to join My One of a Kind Artisans Holiday Show. Monica works in clay, Paulus works in glass, so they are very well versed in the subject. They like to refer to their combined work as “Creating with Fire & Earth!”

Monica’s Wood-Fired Mugs with a single hand-painted, Electric-Fired Porcelain Mug (on right with leaf pattern): $35.00 each.

Monica makes two distinctly different types of ceramic mugs.  Her porcelain mugs are wheel-thrown and fired in her electric kiln at their Warkworth Gallery. Each one is a hand-painted design with glazes that Monica mixes herself. The stoneware mugs are wheel-thrown at her studio in their gallery, but are then transported to their home, and fired in a wood kiln that they built in an old barn on their property 16 years ago.

Paulus’s Textured Clear German Gothic Glassware: $35.00 each.

Paulus built his “hot shop” glass studio on their home property 25 years ago. There, he blows all his glass pieces, one at a time. His drink ware selection is large and varied. From textured, clear glasses, to swirly colourful tumblers and his signature wee dram scotch glasses. Paulus has perfect glassware for whatever your beverage of choice.

Paulus’s Swirly Coloured Glass Tumblers: $35.00 each. Available in a variety of colour combinations.

Whether you’re looking for a new incentive to get your 8 glasses of water per day, a better vessel for that first cup of the day, or a perfect glass to enjoy that wee dram of scotch at the end of any day, we’ve got you covered. For a friend who spends their days sitting in front of their computer on Zoom calls, one of these will brighten up their home office!

Paulus’s Signature Wee Dram Scotch Glasses in textured clear glass: $35.00 each.


Instagram: @franticfarms

This is the fourth in a series of highlights of Artists whose work will be available at my One of a Kind Artisan Holiday Show, starting on Thursday, November 26th and running everyday until Wednesday, December 23rd.

If you’d like to view Monica & Paulus’s work at my studio, please book an appointment by clicking here. You can book one hour appointments, starting at Noon daily.

Since the recent news from Doug Ford that Toronto will be back in full lockdown, starting on Monday, November 23rd, the online booking options have been changed to:

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For those of you who have already booked appointments, I will be in touch via email shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you then!