Do you have an LREJ Wish List?

Posted by on Apr 26, 2017

Does this necklace, pendant or both appear on your jewellery “most wanted” list? Find out how you can attend a charity event and place your bid for this jewellery set.

Just like the seeds I sow in my vegetable garden every spring, over the past 25 years, I have also forged some great relationships with clients. Women who have found my jewellery designs through meeting me at a craft show, or been lead by other women that wear my pieces – they all have “a list”. Doesn’t matter if it is written down somewhere, or more likely, just a visual list in their head that their heart is telling them they want.

How about this Oval Love Knot Bracelet? My “signature” bracelet design.

If you have a “list”, I’d like to let you know about a special networking and fundraising event in Toronto where eight of my jewellery designs will be part of their silent auction. One of them just might be on your list.

A wonderful, longtime client, with the help of her family and friends, has established The Desmoid Tumour Foundation of Canada, a charitable foundation. On May 3, 2017, their premiere fundraising event being held in Toronto will raise funds to help establish the Canadian Foundation to support the Canadian Desmoid Community.

This is an all-volunteer organization and all money raised will go to research. There are no overhead costs, other than direct expenses related to the Spring event. They are hoping to raise $75-$100,000, and are currently already at the halfway point! The foundation’s medical advisory board, including leading doctors in the field of Desmoid Tumours in Canada, will work with the Foundation to direct funding to the most relevant research.

Not a bracelet fan? How about the matching earrings? Bidding starts at $75.00.

Although Desmoids affects 2-4 million patients a year, it is considered one of the rare “orphan diseases” – the orphans when it comes to research funding. Because they are unknown tumours to many physicians, unlike more well-known diseases, they do not receive the same amount of funding for research. With your support, the research money raised will seek to determine what goes wrong in cells to generate these tumours, what medical and surgical options work best and what existing drugs or potential new drug could provide effective treatments. Discoveries made through Desmoid research may also contribute to understanding many other kinds of cancers.

Earrings would be nice, but ones with a bit more sparkle maybe? Opening bid: $65.00

The theme for this silent auction is Rare/Unique experiences for a Rare and Unique Disease.

Rare and unique are two words that describe how I feel about my pieces. That is also how my clients feel when they wear them. And having them in the silent auction is the perfect way for me to give back to someone who has supported me over the years. You can meet me on May 3rd and bid on one of my jewellery items, or some of the other great Rare/Unique auction items such as an apartment in Berlin for a week. Or, if you have a Rare/Unique experience or item that you’d like to offer, please join our silent auction. As a registered charity, all applicable donations over $20.00 will be provided with charitable tax receipts.

Reserve your bid for this LREJ Shift Bracelet statement piece. Bidding starts at $300.00, bracelet retails for $650.00.

Please help direct funding and research strategies to enhance the research activity in Desmoids by joining me at this premiere fundraising event Wednesday, May 3, 2017. Become an event sponsor, or just make a straight donation (financial contribution). You can donate by credit or debit through Canada Helps. Or send a cheque by emailing

For more information and to add your help to this worthwhile cause, please visit Click to view all eight Auctions Items I am donating including their opening bid and retail prices.

To see and/or bid on this Wow Bracelet (and other items shown above) plus the rest of the pieces up for auction, please join us!