Finally! The finished Jade Pieces.

Posted by on Feb 25, 2018

The Jade designs that I debuted at the Christmas 2017 OOAK show.

If you read my September 2017 blog post, you will recall that I talked about some exquisite Canadian Nephrite Jade pieces that I bought. Pictured above are the completed designs that I debuted at the Christmas 2017 One of a Kind Show. Both the Jade Jackie O Necklace and the Wow Jade Pendant on 36” Fiddle Styx Necklace sold on the first day of the show. So for all of you who missed seeing them, here they are.

Jade Jackie O Necklace, 20” length.

Here is a close up of the Jade Jackie O Necklace. It is made with 14.0 mm round Jade beads on silk thread that is knotted between each bead, and finished with my handmade sterling silver toggle. I think the simplicity and elegance are why it sold on the first day of Xmas OOAK.

Close up of Jade Wow Pendant. Look at that exquisitely carved large jade donut shape.

Here is the Jade Wow Pendant that I designed and made with 3.0 mm round sterling wire rings. Turning 3.0 mm thick wire is quite difficult, because the thicker the wire, the harder it is to manipulate. I ended up having to hand wind it, since my electric lathe didn’t have enough torque (power) to turn it. Until my mechanical engineer extraordinaire, Ian, and I figure out a way to turn it with the help of electricity, I will continue to hand wind. The solution is probably a new piece of special gear just for that, or putting a larger motor on my existing lathe.

Close up of the Jade ‘Worry Stone’ Flow Pendant.

If you read my January 2018 post, you will recognize the Flow design that I combined with this Jade piece. I call it a “worry stone” because the depression in the matte jade finish just begs for you to place the pad of your thumb there and rub. It’s the pendant equivalent of a meditation or spinning finger ring. Worn on a long necklace, you could spend hours rubbing the jade while you think or while taking a break from computer work at your desk. If you’re like me, you need “busy hands” to achieve a higher sense of calm in your life. Who knew jade could be so therapeutic!

There was so much interest in these jade pieces that I am continuing to make a series of them. My retail client in Victoria, Artina’s Handcrafted Canadian Jewellery, loved the work so much they are creating a special “jade only display case” at the front of their store to house all the jade designs from the various Canadian designers they represent. If you’re in Victoria this summer, drop by and check it out.

Jade Jackie O Necklace worn an alternative way, with the toggle off-centre. Can also be worn with the toggle at the back of the neck, showing only the jade beads in front.

I will also be showing them at the Spring One of a Kind Show that runs over the Easter Weekend, March 28th – April 1st. So if you missed them at the Christmas Show, here’s another chance for you to see them up close. Once you touch and feel the quality of the jade, you will truly appreciate how exquisite this natural Canadian mined material is. I hope to see you there!