Fall. The Climb is Steep.

Posted by on Oct 28, 2016


Hiking the Bruce Peninsula National Park, near “The Grotto”. If you’re interested is seeing more, please click here and you will be taken to our YouTube Channel for a 3:30 minute visual experience of our hiking trip in Tobermory.



Being not only a jewellery designer, but also a builder of all my own creations, and my own marketer, retailer and wholesaler makes every day a busy day. There is certainly never a lack of things to do!

Ask anyone who runs their own business what they need more of, and the universal answer is TIME. There just aren’t enough hours in each day to accomplish everything on your “to do” list.

So, for my business, I have developed my own way of not being “overwhelmed”, by not dwelling on “the big picture” or looking at the whole year.  One of my best coping strategies is to divide my year into thirds. Over the years, this has allowed me to settle into a natural rhythm, based on which “third” I’m currently in, or which “third” I am planning for.

September marks the beginning of the final third and it is by far my busiest time of year. I describe it as “hiking up a long steep hill” that ends with the “summit” of Christmas Eve.  It’s like I spend the rest of the year prepping, mentally and physically, for it.  With the end of summer, comes the change of seasons, when the “this is going to get busier” feeling rising in the air is juxtaposed with the actual cooling off of temperature.

It’s easy to have my mind race thinking about everything to be accomplished leading up to Christmas…

  • Getting retailers their fall/winter orders placed, built and shipped so they have a great display for the gift heavy Christmas season.
  • Producing ongoing pieces for the Christmas One of a Kind Show, so I have enough stock for the long, full 11 days of the show.
  • Updating my website’s content with Upcoming Events & Retailers updates and additional plug-ins – like making my website “mobile” friendly” and doing monthly blog postings.
  • Keeping clients aware of what I’m up to with email reminders.
  • Ordering enough supplies, from all my various suppliers,  to carry me through to 2017 – and trying to stay within budget!
  • Keeping the “creative wheels turning”, by designing new items – this is a constant and is always “top of mind” – 365 days/year.

Come find my jewellery line at the Art Gallery of Ontario – starting October 27th!!!

And the list goes on and on.  So to that end, here is what I have lined up that’s new and exciting for Fall/Winter 2016:

  • The Art Gallery of Ontario will start representing my jewellery line starting,  October 27th, 2016!
  • My website is a great place to visit for jewellery gift inspirations and online shopping options, if you’re not able to come and see me in person.  And remember: shipping is ALWAYS free with any online purchase –  anywhere in Canada and the US.
  • Mark your calendar for the Christmas One of a Kind Show from Thursday, November 24 to Sunday, December 4th.  I’ll be in Booth # C57.  Exactly the same booth as last Christmas.  On the North/back wall, top of Aisle C, near the Ladies washroom.  Be sure to drop by and say hello.  To get your online admission ticket for $12.00 ($15.00 regular onsite admission price, save $3.00) please click here.
  • If you live in the Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton area, come and find me at the Art Gallery of Burlington in the Art Etc… Gallery Shop on Saturday, December 10th from 11:00–5:00 pm.  If you’re a member, you’ll save 10% on every purchase from their shop. Great way to get your gift giving finished and you’ll support local, handmade artisans at the same time!
  • Missed me at Christmas One of a Kind?  Just couldn’t get there? I get that – it’s a really busy time of year for everyone.  So, if you live in Toronto, drop by my Annual Studio Xmas Open House from Saturday, December 17th to Friday, December 23rd.  Weekends from Noon to 5:00 pm, and weekdays from Noon to 7:00 pm.  Please contact me via email or phone to arrange a time outside of the posted hours.

With the end of that list, I will have reached the end of my final third – and the end of 2016.  Whew!!!

And even though I take the week off between Xmas and New Year’s Day to spend time with my family and relax, I will already be thinking about and planning for the first third of 2017 – dreaming about all the ideas, projects and events that I couldn’t fit in for 2016!

Featured piece for this post:


Small King’s Link Necklace/36” with Urban Pendant in Denim (available online soon).