Dear Santa

Posted by on Nov 20, 2017

Here is a snippet of the letter I wrote to Santa for my “Dear Santa” Artist Competition piece that you will find in the centre aisle at this year’s One of a Kind Christmas Show.

Every year, the good folks at One of a Kind challenge us, the artists, to create a special piece based on a theme. This year the theme is “Dear Santa”. The criteria are that you, the artist (not your helpers, if you have them) must build the entry piece, and it must be in your medium.

After thinking about the concept of “Dear Santa” from the perspective of a fine jewellery artist, I decided I should pay homage to the unsung hero of Christmas – Mrs. Claus.

Everyone knows that ‘behind every great man is a great woman!’ I thought Mrs. Claus deserved a night out with Santa, once the big day was over, as a celebration of all she does to keep Santa on his tight Christmas schedule.

Sterling silver and Swarovski crystal Jackie O Necklace, 18” length. Swarovski crystal colours of Jet (black), Ruby (red) and Aurora Borealis (think diamond like – sparkly).

In my head it goes like this. Elegant dinner at a posh restaurant, with Mr. and Mrs. in their red suits. They arrive by sleigh. The reindeer land softly in the crisp, sparkly snow. Mrs. Claus looks especially radiant in her beautiful new LREJ necklace.

Below is the finished entry. If you are coming to the show, please make a point of stopping by the centre aisle to see all the great artist competition pieces. It is truly one of the highlights of every One of a Kind Show.